Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tour?

If you’re excited about one of our tours, please contact us via email, including your name, the specific tour of interest, the number of participants in your group, and your preferred travel date. We’ll check availability and respond to you at our earliest convenience. While we welcome phone calls, please be aware that our office isn’t staffed around the clock. If we’re away on a tour, we may be unable to answer the phone.

Should you have any inquiries or need guidance about planning a tour, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We’re more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect tour for you.

Payment for tours can be made through credit card or bank transfer after receiving the booking confirmation and invoice from us, which will be sent to you by mail.

Given the diverse range of our multi-day tours, and to ensure you select the best fit for you, we’ve chosen not to implement an online booking or payment system. The best experience for you is our priority!

Best way to get to Kiruna?

On all our tours neccessary transfers between your accommdation in Kiruna, Jukkasjärvi or Poikkijärvi and our homebase are included in the tour. As well as from Kiruna airport or train station!

To Kiruna you normally have to travel via Stockholm. You can choose to take the train, arrive by plane or travel with your own car.

Choose the train

For those of you who want to take the train to Kiruna, there are several possibilities. If you travel from Stockholm, you can choose to sleep a part of the trip on board Vy’s night train. The night train operates between Stockholm and Narvik and has two departures daily. If you want to travel during the day, it is possible to travel with Norrtåg, which has several departures from Sundsvall in the south to Kiruna in the north.

Discounted prices are offered to you who travel with children or if you yourself are a youth/student.

The travel time by train is around 16 hours between Stockholm and Kiruna and please note, that tickets can only be booked 3 months prior to departure.

Arrive by plane

Eurowings operates a direct route between Düsseldorf and Kiruna in both directions on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the period 3 February to 24 March 2024.

Other airlines operating between Kiruna and Stockholm are the Scandinavian Airlines and the Norwegian Airlines

Travel time by plane between Stockholm and Kiruna is about 1,5 hours.

Travel by car or bus

Some people come to Kiruna by car. Traveling through Sweden’s various landscapes is interesting and pretty, but it is an 1.300 kilometers drive from Stockholm to Kiruna. There is a lot too see and experience along the way, and Sweden is a safe country to travel by car, but note, that there can be a lot of wildlife along and on the roads. It is also good to know, that distances between gas stations can be quite long and it´s best to fill up the car when passing a gas station.

The Road E10 passes through Kiruna and connects to the E8 in Finland and the E6 in Norway. Other connections are the E45 and E4 in Sweden.

Länstrafiken Norrbotten operates the bus trafik between Kiruna and Haparanda / Tornio on the Finnish border and between Kiruna and Narvik in Norway. Choosing the bus is a cheap travel alternative.

What should I bring for my tour?

On all our tours we will provide the outer layer of clothing. We provide overalls, winter boots, thick hat and mittens.

For all multiple day tours:

  • long underwear
  • warm pullovers
  • several pairs of warm socks
  • finger gloves (for example to feed and harness the dogs and to help with camp work.)
  • sunglasses and sunscreen (for departures in March and April)
  • an extra pair of shoes to wear in the cabin in the evenings (as house shoes or trainers)
  • leisure clothing to wear in the evenings in the cabin (as sweatpants or leggings)
  • rucksack or travel bag (suitcases cannot be transported in sleds or on snowmobiles)
  • scarf or buff
  • headlight and liner for a sleeping bag (proper sleeping bags we provide)
  • small thermos bottle
  • maybe a good book to read in the evenings or a card game
  • and your personal belongings…

  • For mountain tours or snowmobile tours:

  • add goggles to your packing list

  • For our short tours and day tours

    You will need to wear warm clothing under the outer layer we provide – warm socks, warm pullovers, long underwear, aso. Please check the weather on the day of your tour and dress accordingly, with several layers of clothing. Please also note, that the temperature can differ between your accommodation in Kiruna and our place, where your tour takes place. The difference can be more then 10 degrees colder on certain days. In case your accommodation is located in Jukkasjärvi or Poikijärvi, the temperatures will be the same.

    How to dress in the cold?

    The main principle to bear in mind is that as the temperature drops, the more layers of clothing you want to wear!. It’s important that each layer is loosely fitted on top of the other, meaning the initial pair of socks being snugger than the second, and the first thin pullover being smaller than the second pullover. The layer of air between the layers of clothing functions as insulation and is what effectively retains warmth.

    Always wear two pairs of socks: a thinner pair as the base layer and a thicker pair as the second layer. In cold temperatures, such as minus 20 or below, you may consider wearing approximately 4-5 layers on your upper body, including underwear, a long-sleeved shirt, a thin pullover, possibly a vest, and a thick pullover, in addition to the provided outer clothing we provide.

    Our provided clothing is the outermost layer, including an overall, winter boots, a thick hat, and mittens. Should the weather be less severe, you are welcome to wear your own hat. It is particularly crucial to cover your head in cold temperatures, and clothing items with hoods can be especially convenient. Wrist or knee warmers are nice clothing items to have, too.

    Generally, clothing made out of wool, fleece or synthetics are recommended. Clothing made out of cotton should be avoided, especially as the base layer, as cotten does not keep you warm anymore once it got moist.

    For all guests who wear glasses: In milder temperatures, wearing glasses is no issue. However, as the weather turns colder, and particularly when you need to pull your scarf or buff over your nose, glasses tend to fog up, impairing your vision. Our usual suggestion in such situations is to consider wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. If your eyesight is not severely impaired, you might find it comfortable to go without glasses. Alternatively, wearing goggles over your glasses could be a solution, too. But be assured, all our tours are also manageable even if you choose to wear glasses. Your comfort and enjoyment remain our top priority.

    Stay warm and comfortable!

    What else can I do in Kiruna and where can I stay?

    Besides dogsledding and snowmobiling activities, Kiruna has a lot more to offer – nature and cultural experiences. Activities, that you can add to your stay you can find on the webpage of Kiruna Lapland – Kirunas tourist office.

    In case you are interested in spending addinional nights in Kiruna before or after your tour, you will also find accommodation alternatives on this website – everything from cozy camps to luxury hotels. Addionally, you can also search for different accommodations on Airbnb.

    On our multiple day tours accommodation at our guesthouse Mushers Lodge the night before and after the tour is normally included. Information about included or not included accommodation you find in the tour description. In case additional accommation is needed, we might be able to offer you additional accommodation – please contact us.

    Can children join the tours?

    We warmly welcome families with children of all ages on our tours, but to make the tour enjoyable for the whole family it is important to find the right fit for you!

    For our multi-day tours within a group setting, we recommend a minimum age of 16 years. However, for our mountain tours and our 10-day adventure, a minimum age of 18 years is required, as these particular experiences are not tailored for children or teenagers.

    When it comes to snowmobile excursions, the minimum age is 18 years (with a valid driver’s license). For families traveling with children, we recommend shorter snowmobile tours lasting 1.5 to 4 hours. Children and teenagers under 18 years old can participate as passengers on the back of the snowmobile, provided they can sit securely and hold on appropriately.

    Opting for a private family tour offers greater flexibility regarding your children’s ages. Nonetheless, we generally recommend a minimum age of 10-12 years for our overnight and 3-day tours and 14 years for our Taiga Weektour.

    For our Daytour by Dogsled, a minimum age of 10 years is recommended, while on our Sit and Relax Tour children of all ages are warmly welcome. To ensure your children’s safety, we though reserve the right to cancel these tours on short notice in exceptionally cold temperatures. In such cases, you will receive a full refund for any payments already made.

    Additionally, we offer a 50% discount for children up to the age of 12 years.

    What are the terms of booking and cancellation?

    A 20 percent deposit is due at the time of booking to confirm the reservation. The remaining sum is due 30 days in advance of arrival. The deposit is not refundable, only re-bookable due to our availability.

    Cancellations made closer than 30 days prior to arrival equal no refund. In the unlikely event, that White Trail Adventures would cancel your tour, a full refund is guaranteed. White Trail Adventures is member of the Swedish travel guarantee fund (Kammerkollegiet – Reseganranti), which ensures that you as a customer will receive all your money back, in case of bankruptcy.

    We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect yourself and your investment in your vacation when the unexpected happens. We recommend travel insurance that includes Trip Cancellation and Delay plus Medical Coverage.

    Customers are obliged to inform us of any health problems, allergies, and physical limitations ahead of time to allow our staff to prepare for your tour. Special dietary requests and needs must be notified in writing in advance of arrival.

    Customers understand that our dog sledding and snowmobile adventures may involve terrain that is uneven and challenging and that trail conditions and therefor the character of the tour change due to changing weather conditions.

    By requesting a reservation, you agree to these terms and conditions.