Our Vision, Mission and Policy Areas on Sustainability

White Trail Adventures’ Vision to achieve sustainability

Our vision is to offer unique, nature-based experiences in “Europe’s last wilderness”, that are attractive to travellers from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures. Committing to offer a lifetime experience to our guests and the best welfare for our husky dogs, whilst leaving as little trace, disturbance and permanent impact as possible in the area we travel through, we want to insure that future generations are able to enjoy the wilderness as we do now. By using unique ways of transportation such as sleds, pulled by husky dogs, or
snowmobiles, welcoming and competent guides are leading our guests through the stunning but fragile nature of Swedish Lapland. They share their knowledge about the area, traditional cultures, and lifestyles, offering an interactive, back to basic experience in which guests are constantly involved. Those who travel to us are warmly welcomed as guests, not as tourists, and we hope to inspire them through nature-based tourism to embrace sustainability. 

White Trail Adventures’ Mission to achieve sustainability

Our mission is to provide unique and interactive nature-based experiences of Europe’s last wilderness for small groups of guests with a commitment to best practices for reducing our environmental impact and increasing the welfare of our husky dogs.

Policy Areas

Our sustainability policies outline our commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly business practices in five areas: guests and tours, our huskies, environmental protection, employees, and neighbours.

  • Guests and tours

Our priority lays in delivering good services and activities, safe tours with no unnecessary harm and applying nature conservation and protection regulations. We request feedback from our guests and integrate it in our policy in order to continuously improve the services and activities. Furthermore, we aim to inspire our guests to embrace sustainability in their private lives.

  • Our huskies

We focus on the welfare and the safety of our dogs since they are sentient beings and the assets of our company, compliance the regulations. More information about our dogs you can find here.

  • Protecting the environment

Aim of the company is to reduce or compensate the overall CO2 emission, in order to reduce air pollution. Another priority is to reduce our waste, particularly the plastic waste, by recycling, reducing or reusing waste. We aim to have zero food waste and to reduce the electricity consumption. 

  • Employees

Our employees are trained to always act and ensure the safety of all parties: guests, dogs and themselves. New employees are mentored by providing a practical ‘on the job’ training
and a theoretical training by providing a ‘Guide manual on guiding tours’. We inform all our staff members about changes in the policy and ask for and incorporate their feedback for continuous improvement. We aim to inspire all employees to think and act sustainable in their daily work tasks. 

  • Neighbours

In order to not disturb the direct neighbours, White Trail Adventures is not conducting any business activities during late hours. Priority to the company is communication and compliance with informal regulators that help achieving sustainability in the tourism sector in Kiruna. We also cooperate with other tourism companies that are also aiming to achieve a sustainable business.