Autumn colours and winter prospects

While the colours of the leaves are changing into this wonderful autumn palet, our dogs are happy to find themselves running again. Autumn training has started off with beautiful blue-skyed and sun-filled days. After a summer of rest and socialising, the dogs are really eager to set off and get prepared for winter again. On some days the temperatures were still a bit on the high side, leaving the dogs to prefer a break in the water filled ditch over drinking out of their bowls. The next weeks will be all about getting the dogs ready for the winter season. As it looks like at the moment we need to have them ready and prepared for a good season of running! More about how we train the dogs your can read here.

We have some more exciting news to share. Seventeen days ago Kiwi gave birth to two amazing puppies, a boy and a girl. Both are big and healthy puppies with good furs for the winter conditions. Farther of the pups is Camo and it is actually quite funny to see how the girl looks like her mom, while the boy definitely inherited his farthers fur. Three days ago they started to open their eyes and looked into the world for the first time. Soon they will be exploring the environment out of the doghouse. The puppies don’t have names yet, but they will get them at the first vaccinations. We will keep you updated! 

The autumn season comes with abundance in nature. It is really a pleasure to go out and pick some berries and mushrooms. The forest is full of blueberries, crawberries, lingonberries and riceberries, while the mountain ash trees turn bright red of all the berries they carry. Some dogs are really fond of berry picking as well. It is remarkable to see how they all have their own preferences. Blueberries are number one favorite, with lingonberries as the follow up. The many kilo’s of berries will be end up in jam, pie, juice or galantine. If you are lucky you might have a taste this winter. 

In the autumn the days are also getting shorter, giving us some beautiful sunsets to contemplate and longer evenings to enjoy the magical northern lights. Caused by solar storms and atoms entering the atmosphere, this amazing natural phenomenon paint the nightsky with bright colours of green and purple. While we can only see them in the dark, it is actually an advantage to have shorter days in winter. We hope again for a good northern light season.
We love the autum, but are really looking forward to the winter. To welcome you (back) at our yard and show you around in the beautiful landscape we have decided to call home. 

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of you who thought of us in these very rumbling last one and half year! We are so grateful for your support that helped us to continue our dream with all of our dogs! We hope to meet you all one day! 

For now we enjoy the autumn a little bit longer, before winter really sets in! 


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